Who we are

AGRIBIO LTD It was created in 2015 and has three founders:

  • Nicola Tessari, administrator
  • dr. Stephen Carter, vice president
  • Agri Trade Ltd., a company managed by Simone Marzari, which has operated for six years now on the domestic and European renewable energy and utilization of by-products for energy purposes.

Eating healthy is not only good practice for our health. It is an attitude, a responsible attitude and alert to take in relation to our nutrition.
The word sano (healthy) comes from the Latin sanus, healthy, but it also sinks its roots into the greek soter, which means salvation. Sano is now what makes us feel good, that is good for us and for our body. Eating healthy means to respect the demands of your body, but also buy products whose impact on the environment and people's lives are as sustainable as possible. Learn all about the world of food "bio", organic, and manage our daily diet with greater awareness.

Nicola Tessari
Stefano Carteri
Simone Marzari
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