"We are what we eat"

Our objective is to help safeguard the planet Earth, feeding in a responsible, caring and correct way those who live there

In Agribio we want to connect different markets and different cultures, integrating the typical characteristics of distant places, resulting in trade of organic products by member companies who want to share our aims, creating Oasis Bio, where anyone can find a guaranteed and certain supply chain. Of fundamental importance for our company and for the realization of our project is searching for advanced logistic services, which can reduce the environmental impact. We try to optimize transport with modern means to limit the emission of CO₂ and other pollutants.

Our interest is not only the trading of raw materials, but also the enhancement of crops that have nutraceutical properties, beneficial to human health.

Among the various products treated, you can find quinoa, chia, hemp seeds and algae such as spirulina, crops known not only for its nutritional properties, but also for the pharmaceutical sector.

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